Top 5 Supplements for Hormone Health

Hormone imbalance is something that is increasingly affecting many of us - either with an excess or deficient amount of certain hormones in the bloodstream. Having a good ratio of hormones in our body is essential to our tissues and organs communicating with each other to make our bodies function properly. Balanced hormones help us with a restful night’s sleep, healthy reproductive function, heart rate, mood as well as regulating our body temperature.

Hormone imbalance often comes from stress, malfunctioning of endocrine glands, or medication. Here are the most important supplements we recommend to support hormone balancing. You can purchase our favorite supplements at Meta Health’s Fullscript online store.


Magnesium levels are important to our pituitary health which controls a variety of hormones throughout our body. When magnesium levels are low it can dysregulate our menstrual cycles lowering follicular stimulating hormones and luteinizing hormones, further disrupting our ovulation. Insufficient Magnesium presents itself as bloating, muscle spasms, bloating, headaches among other signs. Our patients love our Natural Vitality Calm Powder taken with warm water in the evening for better sleep and muscle relaxation.


The B vitamins are crucial for good health. B vitamins support our overall energy, help with metabolic function, as well as progesterone production to ensure our estrogen hormones are not in excess. We recommend taking Integrative Therapeutics Vit B Complex 2 capsules daily if you are experiencing fatigue, low energy and low immunity.


Current research is showing, serotonin is mainly made in the gut therefore having a healthy micro-biome is very important for overall mental wellness. Things like antibiotics, pesticides from our food can also disrupt our healthy bacteria. Our favorite probiotics are Klaire Labs Ther-Biotic Complete which contain 12 certified species and provides a wide spectrum of healthy bacteria for your gut. We recommend 2 capsules before bed.

Omega 3s

Omegas 3s are healthy fatty acid that are good for your brain and heart health. Omegas are important to increasing our good fats and lowering our bad cholesterol levels. Omegas also help reduce inflammation, as well as support our mood. Our favorite Omegas are Biomega-1000 that is taken 2 capsules daily.

Liver Cleanse

Our liver is a very important organ in detoxification of chemicals, and metabolizing excess hormones. The liver helps metabolize excess estrogen, filters blood and breaks down drugs. In order to ensure our liver is functioning properly we recommend this 15 Day Nutriclear Metabolic Cleanse Program. The NutriClear® Plus Cleanse includes 2 shakes and supplements, plus you eat one meal and snacks that work for your schedule. It is a great reset to detox your body, and some patients find that they can even reach some of their weight loss goals.

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