Self Care Strategies for the Holidays

With the holiday season in full-swing, many will find ourselves overwhelmed with traveling, gatherings and delicious food where the notion of self care may be neglected. Here are some ways we can find balance and enjoy the holiday spirit with our family and loved ones, while making sure our health goals are maintained.

Take your time 

During holidays we are often faced with increased plans, to do lists, and shopping. You can always allow yourself to slow down, find a pace that works for you.

Rest and time for self

Rest is equally important as play time. Make time to recharge your mind, body, spirit - whether it is carving out some down time, or scheduling some important nap time.

Movement in nature

While we may all want to be bundled up with our hot chocolate, laying on our couches for movies,  see if you can find time for some movement like walking or hiking in nature - this can help ground you and soothe your nervous system. 

Try your best to make good decisions about food

Stay hydrated as much as you can. Focus on choosing better foods while allowing yourself to enjoy the less healthy foods in moderation. 

Decrease your expectations

If we can have less expectations we can eliminate suffering that is caused by our fixed desires.

Create healthy boundaries

Holiday time can mean joyous moments, it’s ok to put your needs first, and sometimes that means being ok with saying “no” to things, or allowing yourself to step away from a situation that does not honor you at that moment, and returning to it later.

Unplug from technology

When spending time with family, friends and loved ones, really stay present in the shared moment and see if you can minimize screen time.

Be aware of your mind and body

See if you can sink into all the different senses in your body - touching, smelling, seeing, tasting and smelling. How is your body feeling? Focus on being aware of what your mind and body needs. 


Focus on what you are grateful for. Gratitude is a wonderful platform for creating more happy memories over the holiday season. Taking 5 minutes, twice daily, every morning and night, to reflect on what your grateful for, will help you de-stress. 


Spend some time journaling and reflecting on the last year.  Set intentions for projects, goals and aspirations for the new year.

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