Self care at home during COVID-19

We understand that COVID-19 concerns are creating an uptick in anxiety and worry among the community. Especially when fitness gyms are closed, while being required to practice social distancing by working (or not working) remotely at our own homes. Our society has gone into an interesting moment in time with an overabundance of stimulation towards our nervous system.

Although we are separated temporarily, we are not disconnected! We support each person finding what works best for you to find grounding and support during times like this.

Here are some tips to stay caring and loving yourself in isolation.

>>Begin everyday by checking in with your body, and what the body needs.

  • Start working on that to-do list you never had time to do because you have been so busy.

  • Text, email, call, or video chat with your family and friends to maintain communication

  • Drink lots of water, teas, and juices

  • Take naps, sleep at least 6 - 8 hours every night

  • Eat healthy foods and take this opportunity to try some new tasty recipes

  • Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face

  • Write out your feelings in a journal

  • Make some artwork or craft

  • Take some photographs to document your journey

  • Sing a song, write a poem

  • Listen to music and dance

  • Play virtual board games or video games

  • Use your library card at Libby to get access to online books and audio books

  • Take an online class on UDemy, or utilize Ivy League's free courses

  • Look for free online webinars for self care topics via social media

  • Catch up on TV shows, movies, netflix and chill

  • Time to declutter your home and clean/ organize

  • Do a facial mask, pluck your eyebrows, paint your nails

  • Take an epsom salt or bubble bath

  • Check in with your body and see what your body needs

  • Meditate with essential oils for 5 - 10 minutes

  • Practice yoga, qi gong or stretching by finding a guided video on youtube

  • Wim hoff breathwork to regulate inflammatory pathways

  • Try some at home workouts like HITTs, calisthenics, find objects as weights

  • Go for a walk outside and get some sunshine

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