Meta Health Wellness Panel

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Meta Health Wellness Panel

Lab: LabCorp

Test Type: Fasting Blood Draw

Price: Starting $377

Description: The Meta Health Wellness Panel is our baseline functional medicine lab work up. This panel includes 28 specifically curated tests to provide a complete overview of health. Each panel includes a comprehensive Functional Health Report that provides detailed charts and analysis of your blood test results.


Example Report:



Before your tests:

  • Prepare for fasting: This is a fasting blood test. Do not eat or drink anything but water 12 hours prior to your blood draw.

  • Don't take supplements for 2 days prior to test.

STEP 1: Once you receive the lab requisition you can make an appointment at a LabCorp location near you for a blood draw. Please allow 7 business days for processing. We will contact you after we have received your test results. Find your nearest lab location and schedule an appointment using the search.

STEP 2: Visit LabCorp. 

  1. Lab Order Form

  2. Photo Identification

STEP 3: At LabCorp

  • Do not make any payment or provide insurance information as Meta Health has already pre-paid for the test. If LabCorp is unable to find your lab order in the system, please call Evexia Diagnostics customer support at 888 -852-2723 for assistance. Evexia Diagnostics Customer Service representative will ask for your first name, last name and date of birth to locate the test order information to assist you.

STEP 4: Wait for Test Results Notification. 
Lab results will normally become available in 3 to 10 business days for most tests. Contact your doctor on the status of your test results.

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