Meta Health’s Top 5 for Men’s Health

When it comes to men’s health - conditions like high blood pressure, stress management, cardiovascular diseases, and insomnia; it is important to have a suitable diet, healthy lifestyle and proper supplements to support optimal health.

At Meta Health we encourage each patient to do our Functional Wellness Panel so we can create a personalized functional treatment plan to improve their health.

Here are our top 5’s for men’s health:

Anti inflammatory diet

Men often experience enlarged prostate issues, which causes urinary, kidney and bladder problems. Acupuncture and supplements help improve inflammation of the prostate to allow for good urinary health. One of the key ways to prevent illness is by treating inflammation in the body with our anti-inflammatory diet guide and detox program.

Weight lifting & exercise

Exercise helps lower blood pressure which often helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. In addition, natural endorphins are released to help uplift one’s mood and support stress management. At Meta Health creating a plan for movement and exercise with our patients is key to improving health.

Acupuncture & cupping

Acupuncture helps reset the nervous system, balance brain chemicals and support the endocrine system. Studies have shown acupuncture can help one relax and have a better night sleep. Cupping helps relieve tension, decrease inflammation and promote circulation.

B-VITAL natural testosterone supplement

For fertility issues due to low testosterone - B-VITAL is one of our clinic’s favorite supplementations to balance male hormones. Acupuncture and supplements are also effective in improving fertility outcomes. They help improve sperm quality, motility and integrity for those looking to start a family.

B-complex supplement

B complex is another popular supplement for people who experience adrenal fatigue and wish to enhance energy, brain health, testosterone levels and build muscle mass.

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