Meta Health Must Have Chinese Herbs for COVID-19

The two most important category of herbal formulas you should be taking during COVID-19 are immune enhancing and anti viral traditional chinese herbs by Panaxea to support your body as preventative measures to minimize viral attack.

Below are Panaxea’s top 2 formulas (Resist and AntiVIRII) to support your health against Coronavirus.

For a total of $77 (shipping cost included) we can send you our Meta Health Panaxea Chinese Herbs for COVID-19 Package directly to your own home. Please email for your orders - customized dosages will be included with each order.


Panaxea Resist is formulated with as many as seventeen powerful immune boosting and modulating herbal extracts, supporting immune function in liver, lung, kidney, spleen, thymus, and all organs of the gastrointestinal tract. Resist strengthens the innate immune system by increasing NK cells, macrophages, phagocytes and leukocytes (WBC) in the spleen and thymus.

Resist has beneficial effects on the gut microbiota. The gut microbiota shapes systemic immunity, thus affecting the lung mucosa which is essential for defending yourself against COVID-19.The top 3 main ingredients of the Resist formula includes:

Astragalus Membranaceus (Huang Qi): Huang qi is known for its powerful “non-specific" immune system stimulation - the herb helps increase the numbers and activity of roving white blood cells.

Ganderma Lucidum (Ling Zhi): Ling Zhi increases the number of white blood cells and inhibits the growth of certain viruses and bacteria associated with the flu. It has been demonstrated to enhance the immune system in various clinical studies.

Codonopsis Pilosula (Dang Shen): Dang Shen boosts your immune system for lung issues like shortness of breath, and expels pathogenic attack.


Panaxea Anti-Virii formula has been widely studied on its effects on the influenza virus. Furthermore, Anti-Virii has anti-inflammatory properties and protects pulmonary health. The 3 main ingredients of the formula includes:

Andrographis Paniculata (Chuan Xin Lian): Chuan Xin Lian is used to clear heat and eliminate toxins for the throat and lungs, and helps with diarrhea. It is anti-pyretic, anti-inflammatory and immune boosting. It also has anti-inflammatory properties to support infection.

Taraxacum Officinalis (Pu Gong Ying): Pu Gong Ying detoxifies and clears heat from the viral heat disease. This herb is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, immune enhancing and protects the liver and its detoxification metabolic pathways.

Lonerica Japonica (Jin Yin Hua): Jin Yin Hua is a herb traditionally used in China that is anti-pyretic, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial has recently been shown to have significant anti-malignant properties. The herb is mainly used for upper respiratory tract infections as well as tonsillitis and acute laryngitis. It is a great preventative herb for influenza. Known to have effects on COVID-19 used in China.

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