Is the Elimination Diet for you?

Is the Elimination Diet for you?

Do you have unexplained weight loss or gain, fatigue, joint pain, brain fog, bloating, ingestion, changes in bowel movements, headaches, or skin rashes? You may be experiencing these negative symptoms from your immune system reacting to food intolerances in your GI tract and the rest of your body. 

The Elimination Diet along with a suitable food intolerance test are best at identifying foods your body is sensitive to, and eliminating them from your diet to optimize your wellness. When food intolerances go untreated long term it can lead to inflammation causing major complaints and disorders. 

In addition, our licensed acupuncturist and functional medicine specialists at Meta Health will assess the root cause of these food sensitivities and treat them holistically. Some common causes for food intolerance include dysfunctional gut lining, leaky gut syndrome, long term steroid or NSAID use. 

The Elimination Diet is a concrete plan to temporarily exclude certain foods from your diet and document any improved, unchanged or adverse symptoms when foods are reintroduced. The foods that trigger a reaction will be eliminated permanently.

How do you begin your Elimination Diet?

  1. Plan

  2. Based on your food intolerance test results, develop the priority of food categories with your practitioner

  3. Prep according to activities scheduled that may affect your Elimination diet up to 1 - 3 months

  1. Elimination (each category for 2 - 3 weeks)

  2. Sugar 

  3. Gluten

  4. Dairy

  5. Soy products

  6. Other based on your food intolerance test results

  1. Reintroduction 

  2. Each food item reintroduced one at a time while monitoring food reactions

  3. Food item should be taken different times throughout the day

  4. Foods with adverse symptoms will stay eliminated

  1. Maintenance

  2. Supplement, herbs and a long term treatment plan to continue addressing the root cause and optimizing health 

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