Natural Healing Informed by Modern Science

First Visit

90 min


Each of your Meta Health Care Providers becomes a part of your personal integrative medical team. We are here to guide you though your healing journey, help you set goals, track progress, build new habits and be empowered with education.


60 min


Our Acupuncturists incorporate functional medicine with traditional chinese medicine to create a treatment plan that results in optimal healing. By utilizing advanced methods of analysis and effective, integrative, natural therapies, Acupuncture at Meta Health focuses on calming the nervous system, optimizing the gut, and rebalancing the body. Personalized nutrition, exercise and supplement recommendations are provided, and revised as your treatment progresses. Here’s a full list of what we treat. (link to what we treat)


45 min


Therapeutic adjustments balance the nervous system as the master system of the body and its coordination of all the body’s functions. Chiropractic at Meta Health helps to restore normal nerve function thus allowing the body to work at its optimum level and activate the life force in your body.


60 min


Our sessions combine Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help people achieve their goals, eliminate unwanted negative behaviors and experience relief from addiction, depression and the stress of daily life. Through the understanding of speech patterns and body language, neurology can be strategically altered and reprogrammed towards more useful and empowering behaviors, such as confidence, self-worth, positivity, motivation and calmness.

META Massage

50 / 80 mins

$138 / 178

Our signature META Massage is a combination of swedish circulatory strokes, with deep tissue focused work, mixed with chinese tui na techniques along the meridians, combined with gentle assisted thai stretching. Perfect for anyone coming in for pain, stress, anxiety, sports recovery, and pre-post natal mothers. Your therapist will focus on creating a safe space to allow the body and mind to let go and melt on the table with gentle and therapeutic touch.


50 / 80 mins

$138 / 178

Massage is used to help relieve pain and stiffness, increase circulation, improve flexibility and mobility of the muscles, and remove muscular waste products like lactic acid while increasing oxygen to those muscles. Massage therapy, in addition to chiropractic or acupuncture, can help speed recovery and prevent injury.

Prenatal Massage

50 mins


Our pregnancy massage focuses on stress reduction, promoting circulation and overall wellness for the mother and baby. Massage is done in a side line position for optimal comfort. Dorian uses a combination of gentle gliding swedish strokes, as well as therapeutic deep work, along with compression, tui na and gentle stretching techniques to alleviate pregnancy discomforts, tension and pain.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

50 / 80 mins

$138 / 178

The lymphatic massage style focuses on manually draining the lymphatic system on the superficial level of the body to clear toxins and detoxify organs in the whole body. We incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine acupressure points, gentle stretching, soft tissue compression and long soothing strokes with her lymphatic massage.

We are located in Santa Monica, for easy access from Brentwood, Venice, Mar Vista, Marina Del Rey, Culver City, and other West Los Angeles neighborhoods.

Parking is available in the street-level lot, directly behind our office, accessible via the alley parallel to Santa Monica Blvd.