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Natural Healing Informed by Modern Science

Whole Body Healing

A Holistic approach to healthcare designed to heal your body, optimize your immune system, and improve your overall wellbeing. 


Meet in-person or virtual. Let's work together and figure out what works for your lifestyle and your body


Review lab results and receive a personalized health plan that helps you to build long-lasting habits - with support and accountability. 


Regain health with wellness therapies like acupuncture, physiotherapy, dietary therapy, nutracutical and herbal medicine.


Optimize your health and confidence.

Feel your best in your body and feel empowered. 

Whole-body healing, body, mind and spirit. 

Office Hours by

Tues / Wed                               In-person
Mon / Thu / Fri                         Virtual

We are located in Santa Monica, for easy access from Brentwood, Venice, Mar Vista, Marina Del Rey, Culver City, and other West Los Angeles neighborhoods.

Parking is available in the street-level lot, directly behind our office, accessible via the alley parallel to Santa Monica Blvd.

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